What can we say! This is a new company with a new approach to inventions and inventors wanting but struggling to get their idea to market.

Our History of circumstances … the road less travelled.

Aubrey Bisshopp is the founder of Watalot and hails from an entrepreneur/inventor background. Over the last 20 odd years, Aubrey has helped many budding entrepreneurs with building their businesses from providing business plans, strategies to designing logos, websites, flyers etc. Basically giving them a total start-up solution to bring their idea to market … this is dubbed a business-in-a-box.

So we have the experience!

Aubrey started out as an entrepreneur with the Shooter (Shots) with a lid concept. Aubrey was the first one to bring out this product and paved the way for others to follow. Unfortunately, Aubrey was young and just starting out so he put partying and drinking above the business. It was a great concept and Aubrey designed almost everything, including setting up the business with the help of some co-conspirators. It was fun whilst it lasted and great experience
Around 2004, Aubrey conceptualized PrePaid Internet Access via till points … yes; he was the first and launched it through Pick ‘n Pay along with Internet Television product. Choosing the right partners is always key and when an investor holds the reins it seldom works and the contract was given to another company …

We live and learn and all part of the journey.
Never giving up, Aubrey started his own magazine, brought out a few good issues and then sold the company …   A Water Trader magazine … there wasn’t one and had a lot of interest. Very difficult starting something from scratch with no capital to work with.
A few years later, Aubrey came up with the idea of designing our own Facebook and Gumtree and merges them together … yes, it actually happened and launched in 2008. Unfortunately we never had the capital to carry us over but will little resources the concept was designed from scratch, adding website functionalities, and a few other social media ideas … it was and still is a great idea and we will be launching that in the near future. Morne the back-end developer is crucial to this development and a guru in this regards … Aubrey and Morne are partners in this initiative. Watch this space!  
Up to this point, Aubrey ran a successful Design company called Trinity Designs, named after his daughter. Trinity Designs offered tailored services from graphic design to web design, from business plans, company profiles to marketing strategies. Whilst others were closing down their business, Trinity Designs sailed through it due to a clever strategy implemented by Aubrey that stood the test of time.
www.trinitydesigns.co.za has been closed since moving back home to the UK.

Finally, the Coup de grâce in the learning curve of life. This is a lesson about who to trust.

Aubrey and two friends came into possession of a grand concept to create free energy. Believe us, it can be done and has been done. Aubrey created an entire business around this product, raised the capital for it to be developed and even managed to get clients to pay up front for their products. At this point we had 45 agents across the nation (South Africa), we had the test product and testing successfully, we had the company in place with all marketing, website, and documentation etc and the company was growing. We even had a signed multimillion dollar agreement signed … then what happened.. .the one partner decided to be greedy and just pure evil and ran off with the product plus our investment and client’s money … can you believe that. This lesson is who to trust … a difficult lesson to learn but a necessary one.

And that is from where Watalot started … the desire for inventions, inventors and the entrepreneurial spirit that doesn’t die out or fade away.  With all the start-ups and “failures” which are learning curves, we believe that we have what it takes and will forge ahead and help others.


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