We have over 20 years business management experience from developing new product ideas to launching them to the international market. We have been there, designed the T-shirt and sold the T-shirt. We know our business and we can certainly help you.

We know the difficulties of trying to source venture capitalists, or simply help from others .. very difficult. They normally want an arm and a leg to join you .. it is rediculous. We know .. we have been there!

Here at Watalot, we have seen the problem and acted on it to find the best solution to help other inventors and entrepreneuers.

After signing non-disclosure agreements which protect you from us disclosing your ideas to 3rd parties, which we will not .. again, we have been there where you are … then you can provide a pitch to us via email or video conference.

Should we like your idea, then we would offer you a joint venture agreement with a few options from which you can choose that you feel comfortable with. Once this is concluded, the joint venture accepted and signed by all parties then we get to work.

The Joint Venture will iron out the offer that is on the table. To note: We will not purchase your idea .. that is for venture capitalists. Instead, we opt to help budding inventors to become entrepreneurs. You will have a choice of being 100% involved, periodically involved or not involved at all. We will be sharing in the product as partners and you will have an option to buy back shares at a reasonable price once a certain period is achieved and then you go forth and change the world!

This system takes the pressure off you and allows your idea to take shape through our structures. We basically provide a full business-in-a-box in order to go to market. We will not go to market before we have done our due dilligence and developed a business plan, market strategy and sales strategy for your idea so we are all on the same page going forward. This is the only way to operate.

Now that we have this out the way, feel free to ask us any questions you have… email us: Inventors Questions

Before you go further … please take note:
The Watalot Group Ltd has the right to refuse to take on any invention or idea without any prejudice. Sometimes, we will not offer a reason why we have not considered your idea or invention and which may vary from product to product. It is our right as a company to take on products that we feel is right for us .. no other explanations will be provided if refused.
All new product inventions pitched to us are covered 100% by our Non-Disclosure Agreement. We will not tell a sole until after we have made an agreement. Should we not make a deal, then our lips are sealed.

Are You Ready to Become an Inventor and Entrepreneur?

We are here to partner with you!

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