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In essence, we have a two pronged approach to Watalot.

The first, is to conceptualize our own products, design everything from the logo to packaging, website, marketing material, etc. We literally set-up a business around the product which includes a business plan, and strategies. We then identify the manufacturer whom we already have a working relationship with. From here, we use all our contacts to get it to market whether it be through retail, online or direct. Basically, we come up with awesome ideas and create a business-in-a-box around the product.
If necessary, we will patent and/or trademark the product and/or name….
and then we take it around the world!

Our second pronged approach is to joint venture with you .. the public with your awesome ideas that you either do not have the time, resources nor money to get to market globally. With each idea we take on, we will do exactly what we do with our own products, with your awesome product idea.
Now, if you “pitch us” your idea and we like it .. we will offer you a Joint Venture (JV) agreement and wallah, we get to work. How simple is that? You don’t need to lay down any cash … just bring your idea to us and we will do the rest!

We are a product management company where we manage products from concept right through to sales and marketing.

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